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Path to Victory

The best method to become a Japanese master is the one that efficiently and enjoyably gets you where you want to be before the thought of giving up ever crosses your mind. Here, we don’t learn Japanese; we play it. It’s a challenging series of puzzles, created one sentence at a time.

Gather Your Cards

“Flash cards” stir up unpleasant feelings of classroom boredom. We approach them as mini “memory battles.” You aren’t just given a long list of words to repeat. You are given a new enemy, and must wield all your previous pieces of knowledge in order to conquer that enemy.

Cards are split up into decks, which all have specific objectives and unique features. Whether your mission is to learn the kana, the kanji, the basics of vocabulary and grammar, or dive into Japanese monolingual learning, we have you covered here.

あきらめないでください: please don't give up (polite)
Each card introduces one new word or concept, building upon what you've previously learned. Through this, your knowledge is reinforced, expanded, and challenged with every step you take.

Memory Magic

SRS (Spaced Repetition System) is a popular type of memory system. It sets automatic timed intervals for review based on analyzing your studying patterns. After reviewing a flash card, depending on what and how fast you answer, the next time you will need to review that card will be chosen for you. When that time comes, you repeat the process, causing the card to be pushed back further (or sooner if you forgot it). The process continues until you obliterate all your cards, pushing them so far into the future that you’ll never need to see them again.

SRS allows you to always have perfect timing, showing you a flash card at the exact moment you need to review it. This creates solid memories that will last forever.

Simplified Pricing

NO monthly fees. This is your game so you decide your own pace.

Our deck pricing is easy to understand and is tailored around your experience. You choose and get one deck of cards at a time.

We offer the entire Kana Conqueror deck to you for free, which will train you to understand hiragana and katakana so that you can read real Japanese right from the start. Beyond that, we offer the first 100 cards of each of the other decks to you for free so that you may properly evaluate them for your needs.

What Users Are Saying

"I have thus far learned more from Jalup than I ever did from my college courses, and I look forward to seeing my new set of cards each morning. This set of decks has taken something that was a chore and made it fun, and once that’s accomplished, I don’t think there’s much that’s able to stop me."
"Part of the genius of the Jalup method is that it will force you to look at a sentence and really chew over it to make sure you understand. You will be seeing something you learned earlier applied in a fresh context, and you will need to really figure out what is going on. This will promote genuine understanding of how it all fits together."
"The JALUP decks are by far the best money I’ve ever spent on learning Japanese. They’ve put a huge amount of time into handcrafting the experience, so your sentence progression is very smooth. Unknowns are carefully introduced with their definition one at a time, while the rest of the sentence is left untranslated (but manageable based on what you currently know), giving you constant reinforcement of previously learned concepts, and lots of little reading victories. It feels like solving a bunch of little puzzles."
Matt V
"I tend to always analyze 100 times what I am about to buy and never dive head on. If you are a bit familiarised with Japanese, this deck will not impress you from the first few cards but if you stick to it, you will be blown away. I can see the level of work and detail put into it invaluable and one can hardly find something similar elsewhere. If you’re like me and want MAXIMUM efficiency then this is the deck you’ve been looking for."
"It is completely thanks to these decks that I was able to overcome the rut I was in. I hit a wall in my studies a year ago. Being overwhelmed/ discouraged I regrettably stopped and have forgotten so much. I owe my renewed confidence to continue study on my own and even make my own cards again to these decks. I don’t think I’ll be stopping again any time soon. :)"

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