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Notice (Dec. 22, 2018)

The web service Jalup NEXT is no longer registering new accounts. Current users will be able to continue using their existing accounts. Please use the new mobile app 'Jalup' on iOS or Android for a much improved experience.

To Current Users: Jalup NEXT will still be supported, but it is highly recommended that you move over to one of the mobile apps. The mobile apps are what will continue to be developed. You will be able to fully have your purchase(s) and progress transferred over to the new mobile app, for free. This is a one time transfer. There is no syncing back from the mobile apps to Jalup NEXT.

  1. Send me an e-mail request, with a screenshot of your purchases (from the Account Tab) and your Jalup NEXT e-mail. Let me know which mobile version (iOS or Android) you want to transfer to.
  2. I will send you a few simple instructions on how to make the switch.